Are you experiencing hair loss?  Do you want to speak with a proven professional with over 15years of experience?  The Hair Circuit offers a FREE CONSULTATION.  

We get it -  

We've been doing this for over fifteen years!  We offer real results with a trained, professional staff. 

The Hair Circuit is an EXPERT in:

  • Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement

  • Medically-Based Hair Prosthesis related to (but not limited to) Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, and Alopecia.**

  • Cranial Hair Prosthesis

  • Cosmetic Hair Redesign

  • Personalized Service & Private Atmosphere

​Call The Hair Circuit Today @​​ (781) 828-1704.

**For Hair Loss Replacement based on a medical diagnosis, please contact your Health Insurance Carrier today!  Some insurance companies will reimburse up to the full cost of a medically-necessary hair prosthesis and/or prosthetic.

Thinning Hair Women